About Bowen

Bowen Knife Company has been proudly manufacturing the Bowen Knife Belt in the USA since 1969.

Always have your knife at your side when you wear your Bowen. This is a belt you can’t forget. Have you ever needed a blade only to realize you left your pocket-knife someplace miles behind? That’s when this stylish piece of apparel comes in handy. Loosen up your belt to reveal our patented concealed buckle-knife safely sheathed and out of sight. Simply slide out the knife to make your cut, or pop a lid off with the convenient bottle opener tool. The Bowen buckle-knife is multifunctional and dependably there when you need it. Oh, and the Moneybelt? Check out that hidden zipper pouch to keep your money or small folded documents tucked in safe where you know they’re secure.

Mix and match to create your own custom combination.

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Our Guarantee

Our stainless steel buckle-knives are guaranteed to last a lifetime. If somehow your Bowen buckle-knife does break, send it to us and we’ll replace it free of charge, for life!

Did you receive a scuffed or damaged belt? We always accept the return of any unworn belts for an equivalent exchange. To return items to us, ship them to the address below. Be sure to include a note indicating the reason for returning this item, the new item you are requesting, and your current return address.

Bowen Knife Co. ATTN: RETURNS
P. O. Box 9030
Fayetteville, AR 72703


Before purchasing a Bowen Belt Knife, each customer is required to check with their local and state laws to determine the legality of our products in their respective area. Bowen Knife Company takes no responsibility for legal punishment or improper purchase or use of it’s products. Always use knives with caution to avoid harming yourself or others.